Care For Your Turkish Towel

Your new Turkish Towel has arrived in the mail box & your super excited to open it! But what next? how do I care for my beautiful new Turkish towel? What does it like? how do i feed it? when should I clean my new Turkish Towel you ask? well......I'm glad you asked.
Below are just a few helpful tips to make sure you get the best out of your Turkish Towel. We have made them from the finest materials to last, so you wont have any issues. But please, they have feelings too, care for them,nurture them & they will keep you warm literally!
Washing Your Turkish Towel
Your towel is ready for a spin, but how fast? We recommend washing your Turkish Towel before you use them at the beach. Some of our towels do come pre-washed so you get that nice soft feeling, they have traveled a long way from Turkey so it would be nice to freshen them up.
The more your wash your towel the softer the cotton fibers become & also more water absorbent. Simply put them in with your standard washing cycle & your towel will come out looking brand new!
Cold machine wash or warm water machine wash (40 degrees) is recommended at all times, your socks never complain so its up to you really what you feel like. Avoid fabric softeners as most of these fabric softeners leave residue on the fibers that will reduce your Turkish towels absorbency. Just a standard wash is fine.
Your turkish towel loves to dry on the line where possible. Its the best method as sometimes the tumble dryer can undo the tassels on your towel. Don't worry tho you can always re-do the Knott. Because your new Turkish towel is super absorbent it drys in no time. Even if you leave it in your room on a cruise ship for example, its dry within a few hours. No more smelly damp towels for you! But look, you can use the dryer on a low heat and spin cycle, we have all been there on those rainy days.
Towel Absorbency:
This might sound like an old wife's tail but its a good one. Adding one cup of white vinegar to the wash periodically will remove residue & improve  water absorbency of your new Turkish towel. Don't worry- it wont turn everything pink like those socks you had once that used to be white, Turkish Towels are great like that. Remember  Vinegar for the win every few washes.
Threads Pulling:
Your new Turkish Towel has knotted tassels on the bottom of everyone of our Towels. These can become pulled out threads, if this happens there are a couple of things you can do, simply cut the thread off. That's it you're done! simple! This wont damage the towel at all, just simply make you look awesome at the beach, you could also re-tire the knot with your hands, a simple twist of the loop & a knott at the bottom & your back on the sand good as new!
 Tassels Unraveled:
The tassels are hand knotted and with use become unraveled. These can be re-tied at any lifetime of your Towel. Make two sections and twist each section clockwise till fully twisted. Take each section and wrap around each other in an anti-clockwise direction till fully twisted around each other. Tie a knot at the end of tassel to ensure it doesn't come undone again.
Well....thats it, you have done everything you can to ensure your turkish towel has a great life with you, please remember to take it to the beach as much as you can, it has feelings to and lets be honest, a day at the beach is better than a day at home! go on.....get out there and use your new towel!