What is a Turkish Towel?

What is a Turkish Towel?

Turkish Towels are a super convenient and clever piece of fabric that originally was uses in tradition Turkish Baths. Unlike your normally beach towel there is so much more you can do with a Turkish Towel and they are absolutely perfect for travelling as they pack up super small.

They are also light as a feather weighing in at 275 Grams for the basic version we stock here at Turkish Towel Co. They can also go up to 300 grams for our Diamond version.

Beach Towels
We stock a wide variety of Turkish Towels so lets guide you through some of them. Our Originals are perfect for the beach, they dry super fast, highly absorbent and best of all that pesky sand wont get through or stuck to your towel. Just flick it off! Our luminous towels are also perfect for the beach.

Bath Towels
Not just a beach product, why not use them at home as well! We have heaps of styles to match the decor of everyone's home. Why not have a look at our Diamond series, they are soft, thick and will dry you in no time! No more wet towels on the floor.

I know what you're thinking, Sarong? Really? Yes, yes its true they can also become a sarong. Our smallest towel is 180 x 100 so they are big enough to wrap around your waist and use as a sarong from the sand to the car. Why not wear one out?

Our Throws are to die for! They are 1500 grams in our Diamond Range, 1100gmars in our basic throw range. Soft, luscious and nice to cuddle under on a winters night. They will go with any decor and we have a variety of colours across the entire range.

What can we say, these are only a hand full of things to outline what a Turkish Towel actually is, don't be fooled they may look small however, they pack a punch in the awesomeness department.